Animation of the manufacturing process of paper-clips
Hypnotic Paper-clip


Posted on 10 Oct 2014

Ever thought about how paper-clips were manufactured before?

Me neither.

However, after being transfixed by the above animation, I consider myself enlightened. Whilst hypnotized by the endless stationery production, it got me thinking about how the purest and simplest solutions are the best.

Reading more about what transpired to be Occam's Razor, it rings true with so many software development principles, from Agile to the MVP approach.

The misconception that the best contribution to the business a developer can make is head down, headphones on and churning out lines of code - is a dangerous one.

All code has to be maintained. The legacy costs of maintaining and extending before ultimately having to re-factor one over-zealous developer's afternoon contribution, can far exceed the time taken to create the initial problem.

Solutions need to be elegant, simple and flexible enough to change with requirements. They should accomplish a lot with a little, like a paper-clip manufacturing machine.

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